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  • Something has been bothering me for a while now, like a really, really slow building episode of Doctor Who. I'm starting to suspect something is going on with that popular carbonated drink company and we are soon all to be turned into an army, thrown into the back of a lorry covered in fairy lights by some bearded bloke and taken off to a camp somewhere. With name tags for those lucky enough to have popular names, identities stripped from those who don't. They will all be called Rachel and Dave now.
  • There we'll be going about our business then somewhere in the distance we'll here the faint "Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…" people open mouthed, pointing will flock towards this lorry (which is just a lorry), file nicely into a queue and snap away photos of this lorry (it's still just a lorry by the way) ready to be "corrected" at some kind of "facility."
  • I realise this is all highly unlikely but I really struggle to find any other reason why this one company can turn so many people; intelligent, interesting and wonderful people into utter morons.
  • "It's not Christmas until you see the coke advert" - REALLY!? Is that REALLY the main signifier of the festive period?! For me it's that smell in the air when it's cold and town is covered in lights, a warm feeling of being with those you love, good will, Christmas markets and people just seem happier. It's also gluhwein. A lot of gluhwein. It's not Christmas for me until half the family are drunk before midday, a board game has been launched at a loved ones head and I've got some kind of Mike Oldfield inflicted injury. It is NOT an advert on television. I certainly wouldn't waste valuable Christmas market time queuing for a photo of a lorry like so many (again, people I like) did the other year. I'm going to build up the same hype about Eddie Stobart.
  • It's not March until I see the Park Christmas catalogue advert. It's like saying that, but somehow acceptable to say as the 25,000+ likes on Facebook shows. Bloody Facebook.
  • Now they've stepped it up a level, by printing NAMES on BOTTLES. People are rushing out to forage through the fridges of supermarkets, desperate to source a bottle with their name on, or even order a personalised bottle online. That's how you show someone you care for real. I am now confident that I will never find that deep, meaningful kind of love that can be illustrated with a bottle of pop with my name on. Whenever I go to the beach I see loads of tat with my name on, I don't see how this is different.
  • Yes I know it's all clever marketing etc but I don't see how it works and how so many people fall for it.
  • This isn't a tirade against them as a multinational company in a capitalist environment, whether or not they pay enough tax in Vietnam or just how much they do recycle. I could go on with that for a while and I really do need to need to get out of bed now. This is just me wondering how they do it.
  • I'm more of a Pepsi Max girl myself anyway.

Every damn time.


Still my favourite clip of Leslie ever.  EVER.



Isn’t that Eve Torres’s submission hold?


Have not been able to stop listening to Lustre this week, particulary this song because it’s incredible but also possibly linked to my more positive outlook surviving minimal Valentines day meltdown.  In fact I got through it unscathed.  Jurassic park!

It also means that I’ve been making howling noises in the flat, sure the new neighbours love it and the fact that thanks to the wolf link I then end up with Shakira’s She Wolf stuck in my head for HOURS.

They’re certainly many things trapped in my closet*

I hope it’s R Kelly.




T-Rex Trying to Play the Bongos…


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Every February 13th my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies.

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My life.

Right so I usually like to keep a little record of my year and things, this year I’ve put it here, YOU LUCKY PEOPLE.  This is probably the wrong place but I struggle to keep one blog so multiple would a) be impossible to maintain and b) too self indulgent even for me.  OUTLET FOR MY SOUL.  Or rambling shit.  Or something.

So yeah, 2011 was a big one.  Beginning of the year I lived in my house with my boyfriend in Nottingham and our cat, worked as a support worker in Mansfield, had a routine, was pretty much settled.  Now, at the beginning of the next year I work as an Online Assistant for a fashion company, live in Manchester, single but I have TWO CATS.  Oh it’s OK, I did have five.  True story.

So yeah, big year.  Not getting into the nitty gritty but this year has been the first time ever really that I have been alone.  Moved out of home at 18 but Uni doesn’t really count, I was lucky enough to always be surrounded by friends and since then I’d been with Luke.  It was strange, strange really because on the whole I liked it.  Being lonely is not fun but being alone is good.  This is a pretty big deal seeing as a couple of years ago I pretty much could not be left alone, immensely liberating.  I’ve been to a gig alone, went all the way to Wembley alone for the community shield *shudders a bit* and recently I took myself out to dinner.   Went to a restaurant, ordered a meal and some wine, read my book, really enjoyed myself DESPITE the loved up couple canoodling next to me.  Bonus points.

Aside from all of this do not think that I am now some loner cat lady (half true)  I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and getting to know some fantastic people in this beautiful city and beyond.   Made some brilliant friends and hoping to meet many more.  It’s going to be bitchin.

A couple of 2011 highlights (this is getting quite long now)  

City.  THERE’S FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING.  The best thing about this last year has been the football.  I was so lucky to be at Wembley for the final and had a fantastic day and City Square for the Derby.  A day that will never be forgotten (well, up until the evening which is hazy at best, permanently blocked from my mind at worst.)   How amazing it is to be a City fan at the moment, after so long we are being rewarded by the stuff of dreams.  And other stuff, but we’re used to that but yeah MAGICAL THINGS.

Beyonce’s performance at Glasto.  Ok I wasn’t there but it really deserves a mention.  For the music too, many mock me but her album was one of my favourites of this year.  Fits kind of well with my independent woman theme plus I am definitely in love with her.  (Other musical highlights include Iron and Wine, St Vincent, The Avett Brothers and although not from seven years ago Cherry Tree has never been too far from my CD player.*

*most selected on my Ipod but that doesn’t work so well.)

Green Man Festival – Bit of a last minute thing with my friend but what a beautiful weekend, amazing weather, beautiful music and the worlds best pies.  Highlight being sat at the top of the hill watching Explosions In The Sky, gin and tonic in one hand, the other suitably occupied and just thinking that I had discovered true bliss.  Perfection.

All Night Bad Movies Experience – Fantastic trip back to Nottingham an all night screening session – The Room (complete with spoons and football throwing and shouting along), Road House, Samurai Cop and Pieces.  All wonderful in their own way.  Top company and top films.  I have not been to the cinema anywhere near enough this year but after that I simply do not see the point.  Best cinematic experience ever.

Seeing the year out with some wonderful friends, excellent food and a massive smile.  No idea what this year holds but find that fact very, very exciting.

Just exploring Manchester and getting to know some wonderful people, I will stop now before I start gushing.  From my mouth.


Always a fan of a good cliché me.



409 Deleted Scene | April’s Interrogation

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This kills me.  I know characters in films are largely created to be relate-able to a widespread audience but yeah, I don’t care.  I failed to find a clip of my favourite scene “The last time”, with the fight that starts “I kinda sorta wrecked your car”… now that always gets me.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had that argument.  One of the best films ever created.

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You blog thing - I live in Manchester now.  #news #THISISTHENEWS